2) then lower yourself slowly


arm’s length above the bars,

(2) then lower yourself slowly

as far as you can .

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From the

bottom, press back up to the

starting position, tensing the

pectorals at the top .

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In this

movement, the farther

forward you lean, the more

chest you involve, so try

hooking your feet toward the

front, throwing your hips

backward, which will shift

your center of gravity forward

and hit the pectorals harder.


lower yourself slowly

Machine Presses

Purpose of Exercise: TO



One of the advantages of

doing presses testosterone injections for sale in usa body-muscles.com on a machine is

that the machine stays in a

certain groove, precluding any

need for spending energy on

balance and coordination.

This is especially beneficial

for people with a shoulder

injury or ether physical


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Also, using a

machine, your workout

partner can push down on the

mechanism to allow you to do

heavy forced negative

repetitions .

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However, being

forced to stay in that groove

limits the stimulation to the

muscles and will slow down

then lower

your muscular development,

so I don’t recommend an

overreliance on Machine

Presses except when you are

working around injuries or are

trying to shock the muscles

with a totally unfamiliar


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Machine presses can

be done at various angles :

Flat Bench Machine Presses.

The pectoral station of the

standard Universal machine is

constructed to give you a flat

Bench Press movement.

Incline Machine Presses.

Using an incline bench and a

Smi th machine, you can

isolate certain angles of the

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